CM - Paperback Book Cover Mockups Vol. 2 389988

CM - Paperback Book Cover Mockups Vol. 2 389988

CM - Paperback Book Cover Mockups Vol. 2 389988
15 PSD | 609 MB RAR
We give you 15 beautiful paperback book cover mockups in stunning HD quality. An awesome choice for showcasing your ingenious book cover designs in unique perspectives. These highly detailed mockups are shot in real world environments with diverse lightning and shadow effects.
All PSD mockups come with labelled Smart Object Layers that let you add your design effortlessly. Simply double click the Smart Object Layer, drag your design in it, save and your done.

15 high-quality PSD mockups
Realistic shadows and lighting effects
Diverse settings and environments
3500 x 2300 @ 300 DPI
Easy to use Smart Objects to quickly add your design

Close-up shot of the paperback cover mockup.
A Paperback book mockup in an upright holding position.
Book mockup showing a person reading a paperback giving full cover view
A person reading the paperback book mockup and revealing the back cover design.
Paperback book mockup sliding out of a bag.
Realistic close-up shot of the front cover of paperback book mockup held in hands.
Paperback book mockup being put into a shopping bag.
Side view of a person carrying paperback book mockup in one hand.
Stunning paperback mockup displaying the front cover and spine of the book.
Soft cover book mockup placed on a rustic wooden bench.
Paperback book mockup lying on a patterned fabric surface.
A person reading a paperback novel mockup.
Paperback book mockup placed on the table face down.
An opened book mockup displaying the title page design.
Soft cover book mockup from a holding perspective.



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