Udemy – First Day in Blender 4

Udemy – First Day in Blender 4
Udemy – First Day in Blender 4
Duration 1h 57m MP4

What you'll learn
Learning Blender's Interface
Navigation in Blender
Selection and Transform Tools in Blender
Edit Mode
Shading in Blender
Lights and Rendering in Blender
Materials and Camera
Creating a Final Project using what we Learned

Hello and Welcome Everyone to "First Day in Blender 4" – The perfect starting point for beginners in BLENDER.

This course is aimed at complete beginners, offering a comprehensive overview of Blender's interface, navigation, and essential tools. Whether you're interested in 3D Modelling, animation, motion design, or video game development, this course will equip you with the foundational skills needed to get started.

We will go over every step in this course together and nothing will be skipped. The course does not have any kind of time-lapse so that you can follow every step easily.

Throughout the course, we'll explore Blender's interface, guiding you through each and every step. From navigating the 3D viewport to manipulating objects and applying materials, We will also cover the basics of some of the complex topics such as Lighting, Rendering, Materials etc to get you started.

We will finish this class by creating a minimalistic and abstract scene in Blender, using the things we learnt throughout the class. We'll play with shapes, lighting, and composition to create something visually striking and end the class by taking some final renders of our Project.

We will be learning a lot of different things. So I hope to see you there, Thank you.

Who this course is for:
Complete Beginners at Blender. No Previous Knowledge needed.



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