Udemy – Houdini For Motion Graphics

Udemy – Houdini For Motion Graphics
Udemy – Houdini For Motion Graphics
Duration 6h 3m Project Files Included MP4

What you'll learn
Create Motion Graphics With Houdini
Create particles FX
Create Audio Reactive Animation
Houdini procedural workflow
Geometry fracturing techniques
Create rigid body simulations

Are you a motion graphics artist and want to add Houdini to your tool belt?

Then I welcome you to the Houdini For Motion Graphics course.

Why Should You Learn From Me:

Hello, my name is Shahzad Ahmad. I am a Houdini FX Artist. I am passionate about creating Visual Effects (explosions, smokes, fire, clouds, dust, particles, magic, etc.), as well as all kinds of destruction and fluids. I am a self-taught Artist. And I love watching science documentaries and Sci-Fi movies!

By the end of this course:

You will be able to Create Motion Graphics With Houdini.
You will be able to Create Audio Reactive Animation.
You will be able to Create Data Visualisation.
You will be able to Create a Growth Solver.
You will be able to Create Falloff Effectors.

What You Will Learn:

Houdini procedural workflow
Sidefx labs tools installation
Sweeping Geometry
Scattering multiple objects
Working with Clones
Creating Falloff Effectors
Importing CSV Data
Maps based extrusion
Path Deformation
Building pyro simulation network
Create particles FX
Creating Bubbles
Create rigid body simulations
Geometry fracturing techniques
Working with vellum solver
Vellum constraints
Rendering with Karma XPU

Is This Course Right For You:

I have designed this course for motion graphics artists who want to learn Houdini.

What You Should Know Before Taking The Course

I expect you to have some sort of basic knowledge of Houdini interface.

You should have Houdini 20 installed on your computer.



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