Jelly Style - 8 Procreate Brushes

Jelly Style - 8 Procreate Brushes
Jelly Style - 8 Procreate Brushes
BRUSHSET | 8 Brushes | 3 MB

Sketch Brush
Choose one of the available sketch brushes and create a reference of what you want to draw.

Line Brush
Choose your preferred line art brush from my set and carefully trace over the sketch, then delete the sketch layer.

Mallow Brush
You can use the Mallow brush or the Filling brush to fill in areas inside the line art. After that, you can delete the lines to preserve the jelly-like effect.

Shading Brush
Using the shading or coloring brush, add shadows to your drawing to make it more detailed.

Glow and Blender
Use the blender and glow brushes to create a smooth transition between different colors. This will help achieve a pleasant, seamless blend.

Blurry and Airbrush
As a final touch, use blurry and airbrush brushes to add the effect of reflected light.




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